ya know how people think concerts in the rain are so ~artsy and poetic~ they aren’t. i spent yesterday at freefest hiding/shivering under a shed and smoking my tears away while faintly hearing mgmt in the distance


i don’t blog anymore

and i am a sophomore in college

but i’m 2 emotionally attached to delete omg


I will always resort to murder first


I will always resort to murder first

so i know this girl who was dog sitting for this family and the dog DIED and the family wouldn’t be home for a few days so she couldn’t just let the dog’s body chill so she had to take it to the vet but it was like a large dog and she couldn’t carry it so she shoved it in a suitcase and drove to the vet and was dragging it through the parking lot i guess and some guy came up to her and asked what was in the suitcase and she didn’t want to say it was a dead dog so she lied and said it was electrical equipment so the guy thought it was worth money so he pushed her over and ran away with the suitcase with just a dead dog inside



so my friend needed new pictures for her portfolio and i work for cheap (a cigarette) so i got roped into “modeling” for her and i had tyra banks screaming at me in my head the whole time

Soooo many potatoes


At first everything is going well because there are soooo many potatoes. But then good times lead to babies and babies lead to bad times.


There have been many nights where I have gone to bed hungry because the dining halls closed too early and I didn’t have any decent food sitting in my dorm. I honestly never thought that living away from home would bring up so many problems in my life.


also was myrtle supposed to be that hot like what

i know she was supposed to be hot bc y’know tom’s banging her but like it doesn’t make sense how a poor mechanic landed that y’know

and like george was all filthy and grungy but myrtle was clean and glamorous and i get tom was supposed to be buying her stuff but still it seemed off idk


the outfits/costumes were A+ though good job buds

ya they were so pretty and sparkly and grandiose and 1920’s esque

i’d tell people to see the movie just for the costumes and party scenes and to ignore the plot tbh

manny how did you picture jordan

i’m just curious bc i pictured her so different than what the movie made her out to be

leo looks like shit now and i may have shed a few tears

also it was really bad cinematography. like, at one point, gatsby was talking of how he was only 32 and they did a close up on leo’s face and you could see a bunch of wrinkles and shit and boy he did not look 32